82 days to go

The theory was that after Christmas it would be holiday-time and I could get lots of miles in. The theory failed to take into account hours in the vegetable garden, spontaneous dinners, hospital visits, dramas with children…..we have chosen the more important and even if the walk turns out to be more painful because of that I will regret nothing. Neither will I decided to try it again next year to see what it’s like with a good training schedule! If nothing else, the lengthening walks I’ve been occasionally managing have taught me I like long walks when I have somewhere to *go*, but I’m not so fond of trudging for trudging’s sake. It’s also been confirmed that 25-30km is a comfortable distance for me…..and I’m a comfortable kind of gal rather than a driven extreme sportsperson who wonders what their limit is and goes out looking for it!

This week’s training (snuck in at the last minute today or else the total would have been 0km for the week!!)


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