96 days to go

A few weeks ago I mentioned a 100,000km walk. I’ve walked a fair few miles since then and given it quite some thought. I’ve even asked Rob what he thought and he did not say NO! At this time of year when carving out time to talk about anything (let alone crazy futuristic quests) has proved to be impossible, I consider this rudimentary feedback to be pretty close to an enthusiastic YES;-) (or at least *why not?*)
I have also chatted with someone who Knows About Such Things – and he thinks this could well be a mighty fundraiser, and has offered guidance and support if we should choose to proceed. He didn’t even think it was crazy. In fact, he dropped the word *tenacity* into our conversation, which felt most encouraging.
So I dream about the Iron Curtain Trail, the E1 (European long distance trail) from Sweden to Sicily, the E8 from Ireland to Istanbul, the Great Wall, South America, Cape Town to Cairo, crossing Australia, France’s famed GR10 with the equivalent elevation gain of climbing Everest six times in only 860km…and yes, trekking in the Himalayas too, and New Zealand’s own Te Araroa Trail.

Last week’s training:
Just one 25+km team walk from Henderson to Muriwai (I really ought to do more walking and less dreaming!)



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