110 days to go

Guilty as charged.
“You’re silly,” Rob murmured as I crept out of bed at 5am.
I had decided to go early if I was awake as there were other things to do later in the day and walking a long way takes a long time. So with the help of a little substance abuse, I was wide awake at 4:20 just as the dawn chorus was beginning outside our window. Even I thought that was a bit of an extreme hour to be rising, so I had hung around, not dropping back to sleep for another forty minutes.
Are you wondering what my secret weapon is? Sugar. Apart from a couple of little experiments along the way I have been completely sucrose-free for over two years now. I have enjoyed having no eczema, no asthma, and sleeping well all night long. It doesn’t take much sugar to have me waking about 4am, and so I had indulged in a bowl of sweetened yoghurt, a couple of brandy baskets, a handful of strawberries and then an icecream as well. It did the trick! I was on the road by 5:30.

Last week’s training:
Wednesday 9km
Saturday 41km
Serious four-days-a-week walking has been put on hold until after Christmas (at least, that’s what I’m telling myself!)

Total for the week: 50km


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