117 days to go


This Oxfam walk is not JUST a walk. Each team also has to raise at least $2,000 or they can’t enter and their entry fee becomes a kind donation!
Here are some of our strategies….do any of them inspire you to get involved?
1) Trade Aid chocolate $2.50 for a chunky 50g bar or $6.50 for a big block (200g) – dark or milk.
2) giving goats for Christmas presents. Well, not necessarily goats – but any gift from the Oxfam website that you give can be linked to our team and counts towards our goal (just mention our team name when you make your purchase – we are “Poverty Pleasure n Pain”)
3) pizza party…..I’ll stoke the fire and you gather some friends and come and eat. How much do you think we should charge for that?
4) 900g loaf of handmade sourdough bread for $5 IMG_3176.JPG 5) Of course there’s good old-fashioned sponsorship too. In fact, if you hurry on over to our page (or even if you dawdle!) you could have the honour of being the first giver!!

Last week’s walks:
Friday 9.5 wet km
Saturday 42.4km alone
Sunday 17.8km with team

I’ve stopped writing routes coz I know I’ll never look back at this for future training purposes. I’m never doing it again!! It quite simply takes too much time to train. I like feeling fit, but I don’t need to walk for eight hours on a Saturday to achieve that ….. and soon I’ll be walking twelve hours. It’s just too much. This is definitely a one-off for me.

Cumulative Total: 69.7km


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