131 days to go

Last week I bounded through 39km and was eager to set out for my first marathon this week. An extra three more kilometres – how hard could it be? Turns out the last quarter was pretty miserable and I ran through possible lessons to learn in my head: don’t eat dinner so late the night before that you can’t stomach a decent breakfast * make mid-week training a priority * get adequate rest * don’t take your knee brace out of your pack and forget to put it back in * possibly consider carrying joint cream as an emergency item * experiment with different foods to eat while walking

But maybe none of that was to blame. The I-want-to-throw-up feeling that had started with 7km to go worsened as the evening wore on and a fever developed too. Two of the kids were vomiting before the night was out. So maybe the real take-home lesson was *even if you are brewing a bug, you can walk a marathon if you are determined enough*

Last Week’s Training
(Completely non-existent due to sick kids and out-of-family dramas)
42km in one hit


2 thoughts on “131 days to go

  1. plenty of time for the recovery. Another lesson: listen to your body – if it feels bad, it probably is! Abandon ship before you sink, while you can (except I know you couldn’t this time) So final lesson – you have what it takes!

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