138 days to go


I still haven’t found shoes that fit, but my holes-in-the-soles pair keep going. They did 38.9km on Saturday – the most I have ever walked in one day. The shoes were fine and I felt strong. I maintained a steady 5.8km/hr, which is a dawdle when you consider the fastest marathon racers cover their distance in just over two hours. But I am not Kenyan and I’m not running either.
At the end of Saturday’s walk I felt like I could go on forever. And actually I’d only need to keep going for another 24 hours – so with four more months of training, increasing the distance by 10% each week, this event is entering the realms of Very Real Possibility.

Last Week’s Training:
only the one walk 38.9km
(to Mt Albert to Epsom to Remuera to Parnell to Newmarket and home again)


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