152 days to go


I have a tentative training schedule mapped out. It doesn’t look exactly like the suggestion on the Oxfam website – but I’m guessing an organic-food-co-op-organising homeschooling gardening crocheting mother of eight who is an avid reader and lifelong learner was not who they had in mind when they pulled together their plan. My adaptations to fit training alongside current responsibilities sees me getting out walking two evenings a week, then doing our usual Friday bush walk and a long one on Saturdays. Closer to the time there will be the odd Sunday hike as well and all the walks will lengthen as time progresses. Somewhere in the mix we need to walk together as a team too.

Last week’s walks – other responsibilities took priority
12km on Friday
30km to Mount Eden return
Total: 42km, which might be a marathon but it ain’t enough!


2 thoughts on “152 days to go

  1. Hi Rachael, Are those hot pink booty/shoes the ones you settled on for your big trek? If so, you certainly won’t go missing… 😉 Keep up with the training, as much (or as little) as you can fit in!

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