159 days to go

Navarette to Najera 20 May 2014 cropped

I walked to that horizon and beyond, but it took a few days.
Still feeling apprehensive about doing 100km in one hit.
What if I’m the one on our team who doesn’t make it?
What if I just can’t take another step?
That has happened to me once before after only thirty-something kilometres.
I had to make a phone call home and be picked up.
Walking 100 at once is far more daunting to me than 1,000 over a few weeks!
Incentive to train is very high!

Last week’s walks:
first plan thwarted
10km round trip to hairdresser (shorter than planned)
third plan thwarted
8.6km Zion Hill, Zion Ridge and Buck Taylor tracks at Karekare
19.6km Glendale, West Coast to Kelston and New Lynn, Clark, Wolverton, Blockhouse Bay, Kinross, Godley, Kopiko, Daffodil, Atkinson, Kaurilands, home
6.5km Sunday afternoon hilly stroll to make up miles – see note about incentive to train (Kopiko, Scenic to Ex Dr, Kohu, Kopiko again, Atkinson, Kaurilands)
Total: 44.7km


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