166 days to go

Took these shoes back today.
Got money back.
Still walking in old holey shoes. They are comfortable – I’m wondering just how far they will go before totally disintegrating.

Last week’s training
3.8km / 1.5hrs!! – short but hard slip and slide in mud around the loop containing Peripatus Track
6+km easy-as-it-gets-round-here route (same as last week)
12km walk home from the Eds
17.6km Glen Eden Kelston New Lynn return plus Wirihana loop
4.6km spontaneous Sunday afternoon stroll at Piha
44km total


3 thoughts on “166 days to go

  1. How about a pair of walking “sandals” instead? I walked about 99.9% of the Camino in my TEVA sandals and I was very impressed by how long they held out. In fact I’m still wearing them more than a year after I bought them πŸ˜‰

    • I spent four years wearing only a pair of Keens sandals (the same pair – and nothing else – very impressive, but obviously lacking in style – same sandals every occasion!!) Then when I replaced them, the new ones were too tight, so I went up a size. They were obviously still too tight and gave me blisters. I switched to Inov8 light hikers and they were amazing. In the mud and persistent rain I was grateful for the extra protection. I got some free sandals a couple of weeks ago – they are OK for a few km, but not so comfy after 10. I certainly couldn’t walk in them all day like my old Keens. Haven’t tried Tevas. Which style do you have?

      • Hi Rachael, I”m always a little ware of free sandals that are good for only a few km.. especially when you’re a diehard walker πŸ˜‰ Mine are Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal and – other than my trusty Birkenstock or Naot slip-on sandals – they’re the only pair I wear. Plus they were affordable. Hope you find a great pair for walking!

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