173 days to go


Found: one pair of very comfortable sandals just right for my feet. And they were free! I don’t plan on walking 100km in these, but I have heard it can be a good idea to alternate between two sets of footwear to avoid blister-causing friction on one spot. Initial walks in these indicate they would make a good second pair for a short change.
My 1,500km walk proved to me that a combination of injinji toe socks under well-fitting handknit woolen socks keeps me blister-free even after days of rain. So no changes there.

Training last week:
5.2km hilly circuit (Kopiko * Daffodil)
6.3km easy circuit (Captain Scott * West Coast * Glendale including 200m detour to Ceramco Park)
9.5km bush walk (Beveridge * Slip * Pipeline Rd * Exhibition Dr to penultimate gate & return)
17.6km bush walk (Exhibition * Pipeline Rd * Pipeline Track * return)
Total: 38.6km

If you have read this far I’m surprised! I’m keeping this record merely in case I do something similar again and want to follow or tweak the training regime. Over and out until next week.


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