152 days to go


I have a tentative training schedule mapped out. It doesn’t look exactly like the suggestion on the Oxfam website – but I’m guessing an organic-food-co-op-organising homeschooling gardening crocheting mother of eight who is an avid reader and lifelong learner was not who they had in mind when they pulled together their plan. My adaptations to fit training alongside current responsibilities sees me getting out walking two evenings a week, then doing our usual Friday bush walk and a long one on Saturdays. Closer to the time there will be the odd Sunday hike as well and all the walks will lengthen as time progresses. Somewhere in the mix we need to walk together as a team too.

Last week’s walks – other responsibilities took priority
12km on Friday
30km to Mount Eden return
Total: 42km, which might be a marathon but it ain’t enough!


159 days to go

Navarette to Najera 20 May 2014 cropped

I walked to that horizon and beyond, but it took a few days.
Still feeling apprehensive about doing 100km in one hit.
What if I’m the one on our team who doesn’t make it?
What if I just can’t take another step?
That has happened to me once before after only thirty-something kilometres.
I had to make a phone call home and be picked up.
Walking 100 at once is far more daunting to me than 1,000 over a few weeks!
Incentive to train is very high!

Last week’s walks:
first plan thwarted
10km round trip to hairdresser (shorter than planned)
third plan thwarted
8.6km Zion Hill, Zion Ridge and Buck Taylor tracks at Karekare
19.6km Glendale, West Coast to Kelston and New Lynn, Clark, Wolverton, Blockhouse Bay, Kinross, Godley, Kopiko, Daffodil, Atkinson, Kaurilands, home
6.5km Sunday afternoon hilly stroll to make up miles – see note about incentive to train (Kopiko, Scenic to Ex Dr, Kohu, Kopiko again, Atkinson, Kaurilands)
Total: 44.7km

166 days to go

Took these shoes back today.
Got money back.
Still walking in old holey shoes. They are comfortable – I’m wondering just how far they will go before totally disintegrating.

Last week’s training
3.8km / 1.5hrs!! – short but hard slip and slide in mud around the loop containing Peripatus Track
6+km easy-as-it-gets-round-here route (same as last week)
12km walk home from the Eds
17.6km Glen Eden Kelston New Lynn return plus Wirihana loop
4.6km spontaneous Sunday afternoon stroll at Piha
44km total

173 days to go


Found: one pair of very comfortable sandals just right for my feet. And they were free! I don’t plan on walking 100km in these, but I have heard it can be a good idea to alternate between two sets of footwear to avoid blister-causing friction on one spot. Initial walks in these indicate they would make a good second pair for a short change.
My 1,500km walk proved to me that a combination of injinji toe socks under well-fitting handknit woolen socks keeps me blister-free even after days of rain. So no changes there.

Training last week:
5.2km hilly circuit (Kopiko * Daffodil)
6.3km easy circuit (Captain Scott * West Coast * Glendale including 200m detour to Ceramco Park)
9.5km bush walk (Beveridge * Slip * Pipeline Rd * Exhibition Dr to penultimate gate & return)
17.6km bush walk (Exhibition * Pipeline Rd * Pipeline Track * return)
Total: 38.6km

If you have read this far I’m surprised! I’m keeping this record merely in case I do something similar again and want to follow or tweak the training regime. Over and out until next week.