180 Days To Go

IMG_3009.PNG The theory is that this is enough time to train. We’ll see. I haven’t got off to a very good start – the shoes above have turned out to be very uncomfortable for my feet and I ended up finishing last Friday’s walk barefoot! (If you’re in the market for a pair of shoes that other people rave about, let me know! Size EU40.5, US10, UK7.5 RRP$269.99 – they can be yours for $120! They’ve had a Very Thorough wash – good as new now! And I can confirm they really are waterproof – my socks were dry as a bone in the desert)
It’s a pity the shoes I’ve done 2,000km in fell apart and are no longer being produced! Time to find something else.



Oxfam Trailwalker 2015

“You’re crazy. Will you sign up?”
Crazy; the only qualification you need to be invited to a join a team of people to walk 100km in one hit.

20140629-194947-71387158.jpgSo I’m in.

When I made this blog, I named it “charity walking” to capture the idea that we were taking a walk and raising money for charity: water along the way.
Little did we realise that when we left on 28 April 2014,  we would be doing another charity walk exactly eleven months later.

That is to say *I* hope to be walking again. The six youngest children are all too young to participate in this event, the eldest two have already excused themselves from family hiking endeavours and the Father has No Desire Whatsoever to walk anywhere that he could cycle, but everyone is completely totally entirely 100% supportive of me doing it.
(Just quietly, I think the kids might be more than a little pleased about the age restriction….although they might yet end up less than pleased that it means I get to go out hiking on Saturdays while they stay home and do the housework and bake the bread, but time will tell)

So what is it?
Oxfam Trailwalker.
A bunch of crazies who go and walk 100km around Lake Taupo in under 36 hours (the craziest ones run it in under 12 hours but that won’t be us) to raise money to fight poverty. More bunches of more crazies do it in other countries too (and collectively raise millions of dollars), but we’ll be doing the NZ one.

We? We need a team of four people and so far there are two or three of us confirmed. We range from mid forties to almost 70 in age and from not knowing each other at all to casual acquaintances. There are two females and one male and none of us are particularly athletic. Sounds like a recipe for success, no? Our first achievement will be to find the fourth person – so if you sound like one of us (ie over the age of 18, human, and have never done anything like this before), you’d be ideal and should sign up right now – only if you’d like to, of course. Leave a note in the comments and we will send you a Certificate of Craziness which you will not be able to destroy until you have proven it beyond all reasonable doubt by completing the event with us!