3 July: Santiago

Four children wearing new tourist t-shirts. A welcome change after wearing the same two sets of clothes for over two months – one for walking, one for after.
But we didn’t engage in tourist behaviour. No museums, no art galleries, no guided tours, no guidebooks, no photos even (we staged the above one on the way to the playground so that there would be something for the blog.) We *did* go into souvenir shops, but the kids didn’t really want anything much on offer. Then we spied something for the peeps at home…..something that, when it is used, will remind us all of how on this trip we all discovered how much we appreciate each other’s company.
“What is it?” you ask.
A surprise!!
Also some tshirts – coz kids who buy their own clothes from their own money appreciate being given things they won’t have to buy! And a special little something that we know the Daddy likes.

We weren’t tourists, but we weren’t pilgrims either. We didn’t follow any arrows – especially not this one I spied on the road a few days ago. (OK, so it just looks like a piece of orange peel to you, but you follow arrows for two months and see what it does to you!!) We did, however, discuss favourite memories and significant moments from the walk over dinner:
* powerlines disappearing into the mist
* our voices echoing across the valley up in the mountains
* enormous hailstones
* aniseed balls
* standing in the thick mist at the top of the hill, seeing nothing, and then suddenly hearing the church bell toll right next to us
* spiders’ webs covered in bobbles of dew
* Robbie’s huge grin of delight as the train pulled into Pamplona station
* pompom flowers on lollipop sticks
* snakes
* the night we all sat round talking and laughing and crying after dinner and it was just so special
* seeing that some people can walk over 50km in a day
* snow on the mountains
* watching rain fall in horizontal sheets
* saying good-bye to Daddy
* churros and chocolate…..chocolate croissants…..endless cheeses……excellent bread (even if we did get a bit sick of it)
* shadows
* making 1,000km – and then some
* the absolutely stunning views, especially in the mountains
* the sense of accomplishment, the feeling of satisfaction when you don’t want to walk any more, but you do keep going on
* cuckoos calling
* icecreams when we walked over 25km in a day (in other words, almost every day!!!!)
* the people
* water to drink – especially each time we ran out

With that, this 1,000km-walk-for-water is over. Adios amigos!


5 thoughts on “3 July: Santiago

  1. I’m gonna miss having a daily book to read. But I an extremely excited to start the next chapter of life again as a reunited family! Miss talking to you guys. We haven’t skyped in I long!!! Lots of love and be with you again soon 😀

  2. Must be hard – shifting gears and not having that single focus dominating your lives. I trust you will all transition smoothly and really enjoy your well-earned rest.before heading for home. Better conserve your energy for all the celebrations coming up.

  3. Enjoy your well deserved rest time and the change of pace. We have a family celebration planned for the 20th which will serve as Mitchell’s 21st, family reunion, and our farewell all rolled into one! A good feast for the kids to anticipate!

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