2 July: Negreira to Santiago


20140702-215117-78677468.jpg We made it to Santiago, having walked 400km more than we had anticipated.
Last night the kids were really excited to be almost finished. We have had lots of endings on this walk – the end of the Voie de la Nive, the end of the Camino Baztan, the end of Daddy walking with us, the end of the Meseta, the end of the San Salvador, the end of the Primitivo, the end of the world….but this was to be the real end. The End.
“Could we get up at 5, Mum? Could we sleep in our walking clothes seeing as we’ve just washed them and they’re dry, then we wouldn’t have to spend time changing and we can have our packs all ready to go.”
I set the alarm and spent all night waking to check that I hadn’t slept through the chiming.





20140702-220332-79412100.jpgWe walked for one last time.
My mind wandered to the journal entry I made last night:

I will miss the crunching stones undefoot, the steady rhythm of a gentle uphill climb, the exhilaration of achievement. I will miss the identity and the simplicity.
I wonder how long it will be before I no longer feel fit, strong and healthy. How can I maintain this state of being?
I have heard people talking about how this walk has changed their lives, how they go home different people. I don’t feel this way. The walk was a part of who I already am. It is (almost) completed and that is enough.
I guess if there’s anything I’d like to preserve, it’s this: for the past few weeks Ella-Rose has been my Morning Shadow, walking alongside me, usually in slience, but willingly, her own choice. How do I encourage that kind of companionship at home?

I told the children about the life-changing nature of the Camino for some people and they stared back blankly and kept walking. Then Micki piped up, “Well, it hasn’t changed our lives, but it sure will change the lives of people who get water.”
“And even their children’s and maybe children’s children’s lives,` Levi added.

Our walk was over.

Destination: Santiago de Compostela
Distance: 21km
Cumulative Distance: 1,400km/1,101km
Now we head home (after a few days in Santiago and just over a week in Madrid)


9 thoughts on “2 July: Negreira to Santiago

  1. Absolutely amazing! I will miss following your travels – it has been an incredible journey you have shared with so many! Enjoy the last of your days over there. Looking forward to your return and seeing you all in person again. So exciting to think just how many people’s lives have been changed by this venture xx

  2. Well done gang – moments to remember and cherish your whole lives and yes what a difference it will make to all those you set out to help. You are truly inspiring! xxxxx I wish our caminos could have crossed.

  3. Awesome! Although I can’t wait to see you all back home, we will miss reading what became our daily “devotion” reading each morning. Thanks for touching so many lives…in so many ways.

  4. Why does this bring tears to my eyes? I can’t analyse it – it just does. Yours has been an epic endeavour – which reached out far beyond ‘common sense’ to some people. That you succeeded and exceeded in everything is something we have all rejoiced in.You don’t think you have changed – let us who know you well be the judge of that!
    Ole! Ole! Enjoy your R n R time!

  5. Beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes. Love your words. Love your photos. Love your little family and the good work you have done. congratulations and best wishes on your next new beginning.

  6. It might not have ‘changed’ the children’s lives- but it will always remain an important part of what forms them for wherever their futures will take them. All the best. Safe travels home!

  7. It will be interesting talking to the fearsome 4 in 12 months time and see if they still think that the Camino did not change them. Safe travels home.

  8. It is a shame that I will have not many more posts of glorious Spanish or French vistas to vicariously live through. I will miss them. But it will be good to have you guys back home again. Then maybe you can spend some time reading our posts of our adventures in Istanbul! Enjoy your last weeks.

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