1 July: Ponte Olveira to Negreira

20140701-183919-67159023.jpg Wet shoes smell like vomit! But we had to put them on anyway. We were so grateful that this penultimate day of walking was the first one that began with wet feet. And you will be too when you see the pictures of a few hours later 😉 But first, the day….


20140701-184723-67643392.jpgYes, another rainy day…..well, we were walking for water, weren’t we?


20140701-185537-68137719.jpgLook who came striding towards us! A couple from the Netherlands who were like surrogate grandparents whenever we stayed together. We slept together first in the same room in Oviedo, where the beds were so close together you had to turn sideways to get between them. You get close quickly under those circumstances! Then they were our heroes when we turned up at Borres and there were not enough beds for us. And they covered Tessa, who was sleeping on a mattress on the floor, with a blanket and made sure the front door was locked so that she would be safe. Such a gentleman, he even tipped his hat back “for the lady” when I asked to take their photo. Special people.

20140701-191025-69025030.jpg Maybe the last puddle reflection??.


20140701-191328-69208588.jpg Cold, wet and hungry….and with the prospect of still having another 20+km to go! After that plate, she was no longer hungry, had dried out and warmed up. She would go on to walk a trouble-free day.


20140701-192434-69874816.jpgThere is a reason this part of the countryside is so green! You don’t get green without rain. And when you walk all day in wet shoes and forget to take them off at lunchtime to dry out your feet, even your feet turn green! No, they actually turn white….as we discovered when we stopped during a break in the drizzle to air them out.

20140701-193005-70205942.jpgDestination: Negreira
Distance: 32.6km
Cumulative Distance: 1,380/1,080km
20km to go to Santiago!
Weather: wet
Dinner: watermelon starter, then a plate of curry and rice from another pilgrim, HUGE pasta salad, icecream, flan or rice pudding (yes, we were hungry despite the lunch)

20140701-193027-70227901.jpg my best ever sock line – good enough to be proud of (for someone who doesn’t tan)


2 thoughts on “1 July: Ponte Olveira to Negreira

  1. Husband and I are planning our Camino for 2016. I just stumbled on your blog today and was blown away. I cannot even comprehend the logistics and planning involved to undertake the Camino for so MANY people (and so many little people – which presents extra challenges). “Wow!” is all I can say. I’ll have to scroll back and read more of your blog to figure out how you are pulling this off. But, I applaud you. Two of my best friends are walking near you. They only have a few km left for santiago and are struggling with health issues and with the wet conditions there. I’m going to send them your post to help inspire them!
    Sadly, you have now nullified any complaints I may raise about planning for 2 adults. 😉 Congrats, You’re almost to your goal!! I will enjoy reading back on your journey(s).
    Buen Camino! – Holly

  2. Impressive tan line indeed! Karli will be jealous. It’s all coming down to the wire now for you lot returning and us heading off! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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