We’re coming home.
We all made it to 1,000km and beyond.

We’ve made it to the end of our charity: water campaign too. It’s the very last day for giving. Isn’t it appropriate that we should be here before a large mass of water?
Now we turn around and head for home.

Even though we have holes in our socks and I wore through the sole of one shoe yesterday!

It’s been a long time and we are ready to be together again. I am grateful, not only for the opportunity to have walked for charity: water and to have spent two months hiking, but also for how close we have grown in our separation. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it also opens your eyes to what you have and helps you treasure it more.
It is a wonderful feeling to have your 16-year-old son begging for a conversation, or to read a touching letter from your daughter that shows a maturing you have prayed for but could never have orchestrated (although packing her off to India might be seen to be trying to provide some opportunities for growth not necessarily found in kiwi suburbia).
Cuddling a camera and bumbag full of passports and phone and keyboard and other important bits and bobs inside a sleeping bag is just not the same as waking up with a real live man beside you in bed.
I am especially grateful that my man, who took me as his bride 24 years ago today, loves me so much he embraces my wild ideas, even when they mean sacrifice to himself. He has cooked and cleaned and smashed up concrete and pruned a forest and cared for chickens and experimented with the new paella pan and travelled abroad for work and delivered girls to Spain and ironed shirts and arranged logistics for a funeral while we took a (big) walk in the park wilderness. He loves us, supports us, believes in us, knows us, encourages us, makes us laugh, makes us think, helps us to care and is the inspiration for aniseedy-daddy-days (sorry to embarrass you!)

Thank you for choosing me, for making our life together, intentionally and with purpose. Thanks for being faithful and steadfast and gentle and patient, a man of integrity, a servant leader, an engaged father and a devoted hubby. Thanks for cherishing us.

Yes, we are looking forward to coming home.
First stop…..Santiago. And we’re going on foot!!


8 thoughts on “30 June: HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

  1. Mummy! A happy anniversary to you and dad. Love you to Spain and back. Excitement is growing as we are almost reunited again. I can finally say “see you later on this month!!” eeeekkkk! I’ve missed you ❤

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