29 June: Cee to Fisterra

20140629-192639-69999890.jpgComing down the hill into Cee yesterday (and to give you some idea of what I’m talking about, see if you can find it on the strava elevation….

20140628-224257-81777347.jpg…spot it?), I seriously contemplated taking a bus back – if not all the way to Santiago, at least past that hill! I was even composing the blog post in my head: “we’re coming home……on foot, by bus, by train, by metro, by three planes – yes, we’re coming home and we’ll start with the bus.”
But that was really getting ahead of myself, and I didn’t need to be worrying about that hill yesterday, because we don’t need to climb it until tomorrow. Each day has enough cares of its own.
And today had celebrations too!
Not only did the girls reach 1,000km, but they reached it at the exact moment the wide sweeping ocean vista came into view. A man we have been walking with for a couple of days has commented that while the Camino TO Santiago is full of spiritual energy, this Camino Fisterra is lacking. But for me, at that moment I thought I could feel God smiling! I even wondered if He had eagerly anticipated the joy we would feel at the perfect timing.

But we didn’t stop there; we kept on walking right out to the very end of the world.


20140629-193640-70600045.jpg And Micki nearly fell off! (nah, not really, but it’s a cool pic, eh!)

Out at the end there is a zero marker – no more walking. That is to say, you can’t go any further westwards. In the tradition of pilgrims of old, we will turn around and start walking home…..but first there were photos to take.








And there were people celebrations too. The most surprising was seeing Samuel from France, our San Salvador pal.

20140629-215820-79100457.jpg Then there was Ginny, who left us a message in the sand….and the Russians and Poles from the Primitivo….and one of the many Australian ladies….and the two boys who have been new brothers for the walk out to the end came and found us when they arrived.


Destination: Fisterra
Distance: 12.8km + 7km to the lighthouse and back
Cumulative Distance: 1,312/1,012km
Distance to go: under 100km back to Santiago
Weather: the rain we walked in cleared away to be a beautifully sunny day

20140629-220309-79389296.jpg I know, I know – it really should have been a seafood feast….but, well…there simply is no excuse!

FINAL 24 HOURS FOR DONATING TO charity: water CAMPAIGN IS FAST APPROACHING (or is here – I’m not sure about time differences!)


8 thoughts on “29 June: Cee to Fisterra

  1. Heroic effort! Love, love, love this post! Love the photos! Is truly a joyful account. Well done to each and everyone of you 🙂

  2. Cannot expand much on what Rache C has to say! I too absolutely loved the photos and it is really gorgeous to see the whole family together in the photos and the sheer exuberance which is well and truly warranted. What an amazing achievement and one whose memory will endure in so many people’s minds for so long! You really are extraordinary – all five of you. I will miss seeing your photos and your finger markers and the gorgeous sights of Spain. Heroic effort. :-0

  3. What an amazing journey! I am in awe of you all – you are a truly inspirational family Rachael. And what a wonderful job you have done recording this journey. Congratulations – well done !!

  4. Heartiest congratulations to you very special people. We love you so much. Love the photos and the excitement of completing your challenge. Enjoy a leisurely walk back to Santiago. Well done.

  5. Special congratulations to the girls on their 1000km. How special to see the sea just as you reached the 1000km. Tomorrow I am going to share this blog post and photos with my class of 8-9 year olds. I am sure they will be inspired and impressed! Glad you got to see Samuel as well- I met up with a favourite Frenchman who I thought I wouldn’t see again when I reached Santiago- great feeling. Congrats to you all- hope your remaining days in Spain go well. Margaret

  6. Congratulations to you all! And glad mom finally got into some of the photos. 😉

    Wishing you guys a safe journey home.

  7. What an epic end to the westward journey with the sea looking so blue and the sand so inviting. Well done family. I am very proud to have you in mine.

  8. you bears are truly incredible! !!!! what an amazing journey! !! huge love to you all x x x x x

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