28 June: Ponte Olveira to Cee

20140628-150950-54590467.jpg water water water
Walking in the water, around the water, through the water, towards the water FOR water.

20140628-151243-54763273.jpg Very early on in our walk we met a guy, who wanted to make a short video about what we were doing. Through careful questioning, he gave the kids an outline for a script and they filled in the gaps. While nothing came of the video, the scripted comments have been used over and over!

20140628-152408-55448393.jpg The Script:
ER: Hi, I’m Ella-Rose and I just turned 8 on the camino.
T: Hi, I’m Tessa.
M: My name is Micaiah.
L: And I’m Levi.
All: We’re from New Zealand and we’re walking for water.
ER: Every day women and children spend 200 million hours collecting water for their families.
T: Time spent walking keeps them from school, work and taking care of their families.
L: I’m walking, because every twenty seconds a mother loses her baby to water related diseases.
M: I’m walking, because I cannot imagine having to choose between dirty dangerous water and no water at all. We want to identify with those families in a practical way and raise money to fund a clean water source for some of them.
Me: charity: water is a non-profit organisation on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.
In the eight years they have been working, almost 12,000 water projects have been funded, which will serve over 4 million people in 22 countries. 800 million more people are waiting.
We chose charity: water because all donations go directly to a particular project – nothing is siphoned off for administration costs. Also, they work with strong local partners to build and maintain the projects. And each project is recorded on googlemaps with photos as proof when they have finished it.

That all sounds so idealistic, doesn’t it? For a touch of realism, here’s another of today’s water stories.
It’s a conversation.
Son: There’s the sea over there.
Me: Sorry to dampen (haha – bad pun in the rain) your enthusiasm, but it cannot be the sea in that direction
S: Well what is it then?
M: There are hills and more land.
S: No, not the hills, the bit that looks like sea.
M: That would be land.
S: I’ve never seen land look like that. It really looks like the sea.
M: Hmm well it’s not.
We walk another twenty metres or so.
S: It looks like sea to me.
M: I’m not talking about it any more. I’ve seen the map. There is no sea out that way.
We walk another half kilometre or so. Second son (SS) catches up.
SS: I think it’s the sea too. Land doesn’t look like that.
Mother picks up her pace and leaves them in the dust.
About 15km later, when the sea does actually come into view one son has the audacity to say, “See I knew it was the sea”, despite it being in quite the opposite direction! In this instance, mother is mature enough to say not a word.
But we did get to the sea!!

Destination: Cee
Distance: 23.4km
Cumulative Distance: 1,292/992km
8km to go girlies!!!! Tomorrow is the day!
Weather: rain, mist, drizzle, sunshine, showers

AND pizza AND dessert – flan or cheesecake
all from the supermarket and cooked at the albergue!

Postscript: We have seen messages left for pilgrims along the way, and today it was our turn to receive one! Scratched in the sandy path…..






6 thoughts on “28 June: Ponte Olveira to Cee

  1. So close to your target girls! What an awesome effort… Get ready to celebrate as we celebrate with you and the campaign closes….. Very very proud of you all.

  2. Can you believe it? Only 8 km for the (little) girls – and the rest of you blew it out of the water (!) ages ago. That seemingly impossible target has been achieved – by steady effort, determination and true gri. I am so proud of you guys. Hola! Hola! Hola!

  3. For all your efforts…thank you! For allowing so many of us to peer over your respective shoulders and enjoy your time on the Way, Thank you!

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