21 June: Castroverde to Lugo

20140621-180043-64843144.jpg We continue walking for water.

20140621-180132-64892175.jpg The girls reach 800km. The boys have stopped counting!

20140621-180304-64984419.jpg It’s another misty morning.

20140621-180415-65055231.jpgWe pass the older Italians from Genoa having their breakfast. Later we walk with them and one offers to take a photo of ALL of us.

20140621-180634-65194238.jpgFor almost two months life has consisted of walking, finding the albergue, registering, unpacking sleeping bag, taking a shower, doing washing by hand, finding food, eating, journalling, blogging, talking, looking at maps and sleeping. But life has gone on in the rest of the world. The All Blacks thrashed the Poms. Iraq is on the verge of a civil war. 183 are condemned to death in Egypt. Spain has a new king. And the rubbish collectors are on strike in Lugo.

20140621-181352-65632769.jpg Thunderclouds gather all over the globe as life goes on.

Destination: Lugo (where Tessa had her arm put in a plaster cast on the last trip and we saw none of the old Roman city! This time we walked round the walls)
Distance: 23.4km
Cumulative Distance: 1,112/812km
188km for the girls to go to 1,000
Weather: cooled down to 25 degrees and another thunderstorm breaks when we are in the cathedral being awed by the paintings on the ceiling and listening to the organ

20140621-211800-76680949.jpgDinner: empanada and salad, rice pudding


5 thoughts on “21 June: Castroverde to Lugo

  1. It’s so good that someone took a photo of all of you, front on instead of from behind you walking… That’ll be a precious photo when you get home.

  2. Rachael, I keep thinking about your plan to walk towards Leon. The standard route out of Leon is awful- follows the N-120- even more soul destroying on a hot day! However Brierley has a couple of alternative routes that avoid the worst of it. I could scan his map and e-mail it to you if you don’t have this info?

    • Would love that Margaret – our Brierley is at home! Because it will be the end of our walking I am thinking of keeping the days short and doing it over 3 days. This should limit walking in the heat. Won’t change the uninspiringness of that stretch though! But we can munch Astorga chocolate as we walk!

  3. OK have just found your FB page so will send them there via a message if I can- o/wise will give you my e-mail address so I can e-mail them.

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