18 June: Berducedo to Grandas de Salime

Random comments from today:
“The hum of flies was as loud as walking through a beehive.”

20140618-184732-67652627.jpg(see some flies in the photo?)

“Do you think we’ll walk up near those wind turbines?”

20140618-183304-66784229.jpgTurns out we did.

“Look! There’s a cow running down the road towards us!”
And indeed there was.

“Those flowers look like pompoms on a lollipop stick.”

“Mum, I’ve dropped one of my toe socks. It came off my pack.”

“Have we gone eleventeen kilometres already?”

“Do you think we will be walking downhill forever?”


“Are you sure there’s a dam?”

20140618-190301-68581815.jpg There it is!

“Wooooow!” (said in the same way Samuel from Paris says it) “That’s the biggest slug yet.”


“Woooooow!” (yes, said just like Samuel – he might be three days ahead of us, but his presence accompanies us still) “Look how big they are!”


“Would you like a scoop of this icecream?”

“If you don’t like walking in the heat, you need to go to sleep before 10:30 so we can get up early and walk while it’s cool.”

“Would it help to have a break in the shade?”

“If you don’t want to keep walking I can ring Mrs G and ask her to change our tickets and we can go home as soon as she does it. We’ve made it to 1,000km and I’m not walking with fighting grumping children.”
(I daresay I might have hopped in a taxi at that moment, had one come past!)

“Do you have beds for five?”
(conversation obviously in espanol!)
“Yes, only five are left. Come and see them.”
“No, no, it’s OK. Five beds is good.”
“There’s a problem. There are four in one room and only one in the dormitory. Come and see.”
So I went – four beds in one room is in no way a problem! One child separated from the rest is also a blessing. We would have taken five beds on the floor or in the attic or in a barn or under the church steeple. In fact, five beds is more than we had last night (we shared four and you would not believe how much room the smallest child can take up!) and two more than the night before.

And one not at all random comment:
“When you take the socks off your pack, you might like to pay careful attention to how I attached them.”

Destination: Grandas de Salime (where there is a museum I told other pilgrims about – they visited and confirmed it was great – I had to accept that travelling with kids sometimes means you can’t do the things you’d like to!)
Distance: 24.6km
Cumulative Total: 1,028/728km
272km for the girls to get to 1,000
Weather: who can remember what the morning was like, the afternoon was so hot!
Dinner: ham roll with tomato, onion and pepper-stuffed olive salad. Lemon cookies and plums to finish.


2 thoughts on “18 June: Berducedo to Grandas de Salime

  1. Well done all of you! That is the hardest of the hills behind you. Just some long drags now before Lugo.
    After Fonsagrada, the first bar in Paradavella is excellent. The owner cooked some tortillas up for us after first collecting the eggs from his chicken run! Be aware that Cadavo to Lugo is a loooong way and a lot of hard surface walking. No bars or tuck shops after Castroverde, just a couple of vending machines.
    Montouto has the ruins of the old “hospital” with a dolmen in the field behind overshadowed by modern wind turbines. 3000 years of history!
    Blessings on you
    Terry and Valerie (Tio and Tia)

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