12 June: Oviedo

“Do you like rest days, Mum?”
I probably would if they involved rest instead of running round trying to find a replacement sunhat and new journals, and find a place that suited everyone and the budget for lunch, and taking photos that look happy and victorious but we know the snarky comments coming from behind the camera, and hours poring over maps and guides trying to sort out where we are going next…..oh, and if we had actually got to San Julian, yet another church I wanted to see, but didn’t, then I might not have been so sour about so-called rest days!

Lunch was good though!





We finished about three and sluggishly wandered through the heat to our home for the night – an old house just behind these apartments.

Kids played games with the city maps (speaking as much Spanish as they could) while I looked backwards and forwards.
Stage 1: that seems so long ago – the loop with just the boys. It was all about adjustment and hardship.
Stage 2: Pamplona to Burgos was companionship with family reunited
Stage 3: Burgos to Leon was flat, both in landscape and emotion as Daddy’s absence left a gap
Stage 4: San Salvador route was all about rising to the challenge – to climb mountains and not grizzle

And looking forward:
Stage 5: To The End-ish
If things go according to the tentative plan I mapped out this morning, we will arrive at the end of the medieval world, Finisterre, on the last day of this month, which is the last day of our charity: water campaign, and also our wedding anniversary. Now I know you’re not in the habit of giving us wedding anniversary presents, but this year, in lieu of what could become a new tradition, I’d love it if you’d give a donation to our campaign instead 😉 Remember, you get double value this year – for every dollar you give, some philanthropic donor is also giving a dollar (unless you collectively give more than US$750,000, but if that happens I’m sure could come to some arrangement)
By the way, if things go as we hope, this will also be the day that the girls make it to 1,000km!

Stage 6: Post-script
We have fond memopries of arriving at Santiago Cathedral in 2012 and so we will keep walking – on to Muxia and back to Santiago. You could call it going the extra mile.

Stage 7: Unfinished Business
When we walked last time we started in Astorga. This time we covered the miles between Saint Jean Pied-de-Port and Leon. This leaves 52.1km between Leon and Astorga that we won’t have walked on the Frances. For one member of this group, this omission is a disappointment. One, which we can rectify. We are considering taking a bus to Astorga and then walking backwards to Leon. We set out walking backwards, we’ll finish the same way – and the loop will be fully closed. Besides, we never did get to visit Leon Cathedral or wander at leisure around its streets.

Finally, we’ll spend a few days in Madrid before beginning the 36 hours of flights that will return us to beds with sheets and no snorers, fluffy towels, more than two sets of clothes and Loved Ones.


5 thoughts on “12 June: Oviedo

  1. Hopefully the lunch lifted flagging spirits a wee bit.The hard bit about sustained effort is getting up in the morning to do it all again. You know its going to be ok once you get settled in, but the starting again is the tough bit.But I like the idea of completing the loop. Do it if it doesnt crush anyones spirit – the urge to get home will be strong! Buen camino!

  2. Lunch looks good. Enjoy the moments of a day off even with all you have to do. The planning is important. Will be great to complete the loop and see the cathedral. A fitting end with a wander around Leon.

  3. Congratulations on finishing this next stage. I tell you now, you have absolutely ‘sold’ me on the Salvador route. Will be doing it one year before too long I hope. Looks magnificent!

  4. Oh yes, I will combine it- but have far too many ideas in fact- and this one has just leapfrogged up into the top realms of contention! Am looking forward to your photos of the next section. I haven’t seen many photos of either route.
    PS- Does Strava still work up in the mountains- or do you end up going out of cell range?

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