9 June: Poladura to Pajares

The Camino San Salvador is the ideal kids’ camino. Big statement that, particularly seeing as I received a number of caring concerned messages from people who had walked it when I proposed doing this route with kids on an online forum. So I’ll qualify that. The camino San Salvador today was the ideal camino for my kids!
The weather was perfect – overcast and cool (to positively cold!) For a good portion of the day the wind was a howling gale. There was mud. There were tadpoles who allowed themselves to be caught and removed momentarily from the icy streams. There were rocks to clamber over and be the setting for an imaginative game. There were horses, cows, chickens, goats, sheep – all with babies. There were meadows full of flowers. There was even one slope carpeted in wild thyme that smelt divine as we trod on it. And there was a holly forest. The way was indistinct enough to feel adventurous, but well-enough-marked that the kids could lead. I tell you, the Salvador in the spring is the stuff kids dream of. More than once they said, “I wish we could do this all day!”




















Destination: Pajares
Distance: 15km (plus running up and down the rocks!)
Cumulative Distance: 811km (we forgot to do our hundred marker pics and we’re not going back, no matter how good a day it was. In fact, when we arrived – quite late due to all the playing and wildlife-watching – our pilgrim family greeted us with cheers of congratulation; those that weren’t asleep, that is. This was especially nice because they had all planned to walk further than us today and so we expected to be alone. But they found the climbs to be so demanding that they decided to stop here!)
189km to go
Weather: cool and cloudy
Dinner: it was meant to be our dehydrated dinner but we were not allowed to use the kitchen…..so off to the bar we went…..only to be told it was a great problem because we had not made a reservation, but she would cook us some things we didn’t want for 10euros a head….so we tripped back down the cobbled street to the albergue and begged the hospitalera for some hot water and she unlocked the kitchen for us! Chicken curry soup with lots of vegetables – delish!
Disappointment of the day: strava cut out so we can’t see the elevations

Photo of the stage details from the albergue notice board.


10 thoughts on “9 June: Poladura to Pajares

  1. Oh my goodness, you have got me dreaming of places to go… What wonderful landscapes, and with the spring flowers, truly magical. I can see why the kids would love it, but goodness, they are so fit with the climbing too!

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