8 June: La Robla to Poladura


After 14 flat kilometres I was wondering whether we should stop. There was an albergue, we were carrying extra food, and ahead of us was the first real climb for the girls. The smallest child had spent the previous couple of kilometres asking every fifteen seconds how far it would be to the town where we were about to eat lunch. She seemed on the verge of possibly not coping.

We pressed on and were met with Emotion. Joy. Gratitude. Wonder. Adventure. Splendour.







Soon after reaching the top that smallest almost-had-been-struggling person was overheard saying, “I really like this kind of walking.”
She spoke for us all. Uphill might be harder work, but oh the rewards.
It’s funny to think that Daddy’s last piece of advice as he’d hopped on the bus had been, “Don’t be afraid of just sticking to the Frances if it’s all too hard.” My hopes that the mountain routes would be inherently more interesting from a child’s perspective have ended up well-founded.

Destination: Poladura (and an albergue that has everyone commenting about hopes that there will be no bedbugs and complaining good-naturedly about cold showers!!)
Distance: 24km
Cumulative Distance: 796km
204km to go
Weather: cloudy, somewhat windy, high of 19 degrees – very pleasant walking weather
Dinner: one of the dehydrated meals we had made at home and carried a ridiculous distance – spaghetti, meat sauce and veges (with an old baguette and cheese and packet of completely uninteresting biscuits)…..oh how good it all tasted


4 thoughts on “8 June: La Robla to Poladura

  1. Stunning is a great description. We are enjoying the walk from the comfort of our home. Thanks Micaiah for the post card. The Catedral De Burgos looks amazing. Glad you enjoyed all it had to offer. The km’s are certainly growing. Well done team.

  2. Oh Lord! You’ve just made it harder to decide which route next!! But the Salvador had just gotten put on the must do list! Beautiful pictures and as always great blog.

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