5 May: El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla de las Mullas

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust
A good quote to take into yet another day of the Meseta, which proved to be in many ways just like the other days.

We have passed many many many heads of wheat. Come to think of it, we have actually walked through many many many ACRES of grain. While it is not exactly a revelation, it has struck me that God knows every single one of them. That is quite some thought!

We walked with eyes open and saw shadows:


We walked with eyes open and found another Hobbiton:


We walked with eyes open and saw not only a path…

…but a girl choosing to walk beside me in companionable silence…

The children walked with ears open too, and played a new game, Rustle. Whenever they heard something rustle in the grass at the side of the path they would stop and try to spot the source of the noise. In this was they saw quite a number of lizards of varying colour and enough mice to keep the Pied Piper in business for a long time. I heard the rustles, but preferring to keep some distance between rodents and me, I just trudged on in my usual steady rhythm, while kids ran and skipped and stopped and backtracked and jumped in the ditch and sometimes even walked in all their exuberance of youth.
Three of us have sore throats and feel a bit under the weather, and so we were contemplating stopping at the first village, but when we got there, it was much too early to stop and we decided to keep going. Arriving at the albergue, we discovered there’s a virus going round and some people were opting for the bus to Leon. We got a room almost to ourselves, so will keep the germs within the family – we’re sharing with Laszlo, the Hungarian, who we have been in close contact with for a few days now – he’s virtually family!

Destination: Mansill de las Mullas

Distance: 20km
Cumulative Distance: 722km
278km to go to 1,000
Weather: 18 degrees (we’re ignoring the rain forecast for Saturday – live one day at a time)
Dinner: rice salad on a bed of lettuce with beetroot on the side


We went. Front row seats. At the end Micaiah asked if we could go to another concert – he was in awe of the music and tried out a range of metaphors to describe what we heard. I was in awe of the guy’s expertise and obvious relationship with his instrument.



4 thoughts on “5 May: El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla de las Mullas

  1. Ahhhhh music. The Spanish have a love for it. I heard a choir concert in the church in Navarete that quite blew me away- so wonderful. Love your shadow photo on the wall. I have a similar photo with three of us- maybe on the same wall! I hope the sore throats ease- or do not become too much of an issue.

  2. Rachel I think you should forge a relationship with rodents – one of God’s little creatures. I think some contemplative time will reveal their wonders!

  3. Love the shadow picture!! I can’t believe the km numbers that are ticking up! Amazing work! Good to hear now that you are all feeling well again xx

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