Dear Fellow Peregrinos

It’s been lovely sharing this old church with you. We have marveled together at how the modern construction has been inserted into the shell without losing any of the character. We have loved being able to see the metre-thick walls, the columns and arches soaring up above our beds which are three flights of stairs up from the ground floor – looking over the edge of the balcony made some of you giddy!
Thank you to the Peregrina, who suggested we steal a ladder from one of the other eight-person cubicles. It’s not that I didn’t understand you, it’s not that it was easy to climb up to the top bunk that was as high as my ear….it’s just that I thought maybe there was someone less agile than I in the other cubicles, someone who might not have a mother here to hoist them up. But thanks again for your concern.
To the lady whose blister procedure our kids watched at bedtime – thanks for the entertainment. The kids were awed at the amount of blood and gore – and it was all for real. A couple of them were concerned at how much pain you were experiencing. We hope your feet clear up soon.
Finally, I have a question. What was the hurry today? When the lights came on at 6 o’clock to wake us all up, my kids were the only ones still asleep. Quite a miracle really, considering some of you came into our cubicle talking at the tops of your voices just before 5. I realise you may have thought everyone was up – people had been jumping down from their bunks (do forgive them – it was a long drop and they landed heavily), rustling plastic bags, squishing their sleeping bags into stuff sacks, flashing headlamps around, hoiking loudly in the toilets and stomping round in their boots (yes, we all know the boots are meant to stay downstairs) – all this since the first musical alarm went off at 4am. It just made me wonder, why the rush?
Buen camino!



2 thoughts on “Dear Fellow Peregrinos

  1. Oh dear. Yes, I fail to understand that rush. And I often think those wanting dead quiet at 4pm in the dorms so they can sleep are the ones who were so noisy before dawn… Hope you get more of a sleep in tomorrow.

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