3 June: Calzaldilla to Sahagun

Absolute flatness was replaced by small hillocks.

Dead straight was replaced with gently curving paths. And just like the way took twists and turns, so did my mind. I could not find a straight track anywhere!
Thoughts of pilgrimage as a metaphor for life were interrupted by swarms of bugs that took all our concentration to fight.

20140603-150122-54082239.jpg Fascination at the straw/stick/mud houses took the mind wandering to the three little pigs.

Bushes, glorious in golden splendor, inflicted hay fever symptoms.
An ancient man wielded a scythe in his field. Another man leading a pitch black donkey wearing a cat skin over its nose like a hat stopped us for a full five minute conversation of which I understood nothing. I wondered if I was seeing things, but the kids were adamant they also saw the four pussy legs dangling.

Deep furrows grabbed Levi’s attention. Multi-coloured fields looked like a patchwork quilt – no longer do we see mostly various shades of green as the backdrop to the reds, blues, purples, yellows and white of the wildflowers, but also browns and yellows.
Ella-Rose arrested any possibility for deep thought when she said, “Is there such a thing as a sardine airport? I was just walking along talking to myself and I found I was saying sardine airport over and over.” Seems like she was having as much brain trouble as I was!

Then we’d have sworn we were in Hobbiton, but evidently it was actually a little pueblo by the name of Moratinos. Other pilgrims seemed to fly on through, but we were captivated by this wee village.





Destination: Sahagun
Distance:: 24km
Cumulative Distance: 686km
314km to go to 1,000km
Weather: still 24 degrees when we came out after dinner at 8pm
Dinner: salad followed by mixture of chickpeas, lentils, eggs, peppers, garlic, and MORE veges……shared with Samuel from France who bought the wine and dessert biscuits, Jean-Marc (also from France – of course!) and Laszlo, a gentleman from Hungary, who recognised us from when we walked two years ago!

All prepared in the most amazing kitchen I’ve ever worked in…..see the window?

Here it is from the outside, the one above the door:

And just for you Robbie, a picture of the sausage we used….in memory of all the chorizo taken from you at Auckland Airport.

20140603-201639-72999964.jpg photo credit: Levi



5 thoughts on “3 June: Calzaldilla to Sahagun

  1. Oh you are making my mouth water. I am obsessed with all things camino at the moment as I plan for my second VdlP in September. Also, I lived in Sevilla for a few years so the sight of chorizo makes me homesick! It’s a long way from Sevilla to Wanganui but they both have their wonderful moments. I wish you and the kids a wonderful day and look forward to the next installment. Bless, Grace

  2. Lovely countryside – but a shame the hay fever dims the experience. Hard to work out the window-unless the walls are a metre thick!

  3. Beautiful scenery. Nice to catch up again with someone you met before. What an amazing coincidence. You are having some good times. Well done. Sardinia airport perhaps?

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