2 June: Villalcazar de la Sigar to Calzaldilla de la Cueza

From morning to mid-afternoon, it was just so flat!

And straight.

Looking back. Flat and straight.
You’d think it would make for easy walking, but it doesn’t. Your legs are ever moving but you don’t seem to be making any progress. One of the kids commented, “This is so discouraging.” I could understand – it was a mental walk rather than a physical one. Although the distance would turn out to be “not inconsiderable”. I might just mention that the distances given on various online maps seem to be very optimistic, assuming you walk in a dead straight line – our GPS almost always tells us we have walked an extra 10% or so. Admittedly today we wandered a wee bit in the only town we passed through (“Hay supermercado? Donde esta el Dia” I asked a man carrying a bag from the Dia supermarket. The lady he was talking to decided to personally take us there. Only we ended up at a panaderia. We wanted bread, but we wanted more than just bread, and certainly no cream buns. After a quick explanation she seemed to tell me off for saying I wanted bread, but then insisted on taking us to the supermarket. Not the Dia, but Lupa will do! We thanked her profusely for going out of her way) Even taking into account that detour, I wouldn’t have expected a 22km-by-the-map walk turn out to be 26km. In my books, 26 has just edged into the category of “long day” for us and we were supposed to be doing a short day. However, when you are standing on a dead flat straight road with nothing in sight, what can you do except walk on?
Of course, if you’re eight years old you have other options and today when our legs told us we had already covered the expected 22km, Ella-Rose could have fussed. And maybe she did a tiny wee bit – but then she remembered she could ask to have a break and she chose well. Later she asked if it had been an aniseedy day.
Let me explain. Daddy gave the kids a wee packet of tiny aniseed balls the day he left. They walked well and I handed out a ball to everyone, saying, “Daddy will be proud of you.” This morphed into a silly phrase and now we measure each day and determine whether it has been an aniseedy-daddy-proudy day or not. Ella-Rose correctly judged today as “not really but I want one” and I explained that Daddy would indeed be proud of her decision to do the right thing and walk on with a good attitude, even after a wee slip into Attitude.
20+km automatically calls for an icecream, so that was always on the books for today. Little did we know when we set out, that we would end up with the most delicious artisan icecream, bought for us by a very kind lady we have been meeting on and off.


Destination: Calzaldilla de la Cueza
Distance: 26km
Cumulative Distance: 660km
340km to go to 1,000
Weather: 22 degrees
Dinner: will be something at the bar

A new daddy!!!


3 thoughts on “2 June: Villalcazar de la Sigar to Calzaldilla de la Cueza

  1. A case of mind over matter by the sound of it so well done all you aniseedy peeps! You might be encouraged by something I read this morning: Access to clean water and sanitation currently ranks as the fifth highest priority for people voting in the UN’s global My World survey, in which millions of people around the world have taken part, joining the international debate around the new Sustainable Development Goals. In India, voters put it as their fourth highest priority for a better life.

    WaterAid, Unicef and the World Health Organisation, along with hundreds of other organisations around the world, are calling for a new Sustainable Development Goal that would commit countries to ensuring that everyone everywhere has access to basic sanitation, clean drinking water and hygiene by the year 2030.

    So you can tell the kids they are leading the way! Buen Camino!

  2. I think the hardest thing about the Meseta, (apart from the summer heat if you are walking in that) is that once you reach the flat part, it is all so flat. You don’t get to vary the leg muscles you are using like when you are going up and down hills.
    Those icecreams look incredibly delicious!

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