31 May: Hontanas to San Nicolas – redone post

20140601-192655-70015343.jpg Breakfast

A reminder of what we’re walking for.



Looking back. Always fun to see where you’ve come from.


600 and 300km cracked!

Down the hill (after walking across the plateau at the top and being joined by 20 large black birds soaring silently overhead)

Breathtaking vastness.

And on to San Nicolas, where I left the children forming the beginning of the queue for the twelve beds, while I walked on 2km to the next village to pick up lunch, use the wifi and charge the phone as there is no electricity at San Nic.

Destination: San Nicolas
Distance: 19km for the children
Cumulative Distance: 603km
397km to go
Weather: cloudy, cool
Dinner: see next post


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