30 May: Rabe de las Calzadas to Hontanas

When we started walking, just the boys and I, it was strange to just be the three of us. When Rob arrived with the girls, he kept counting heads and thinking someone was missing.
Today felt empty. Only one body fewer, but we felt incomplete.

That said, we may have had our best walking day yet!

We set out from Rabe, climbed the gentle hills, plodded across the first flats and soon after 11am realised we were approaching the final downhill. Kids were keen to walk on. Do you hear that? We had walked 19km, but they wanted to keep going, especially the one with the shortest legs. All the same, I made the call to stop. A sign offering 5euro beds and photos promising good facilities lured us away from our intended municipal destination and we were booked in, beds chosen and messaging home by noon.
For most of the morning the children had walked far ahead of me, completely out of sight, but at the same time entirely safe. I only caught up with them when the track turned to mud and their walking turned to playing!

Skipping down the hill into Hontanas, Ella-Rose commented, “I seem to walk better without Daddy, but I don’t know why.” Aware good days can be followed by monstrous mornings, I think it might be a little premature to make generalisations just yet!

Destination: Hontanas
Distance: 19km
Cumulative DIstance: 584km
416km to go to 1,000km
(today passed the 469km to go to Santiago spot – and got the stamp in our journals, so even if we just stayed on this route, we would make the 1,000 before Santiago, but we are still planning on heading north at Leon for some mountain walking…….kids are talking about definitely walking out to Finisterre and Muxia afterwards…..AND today the suggestion was made for the first time that if there is time we could take a bus back to Astorga and walk the same part we did last time again….we’ll see!!!)
Weather: 12 degree start, 16 degree max – excellent walking weather
Dinner: spaghetti made with ingredients found in the teeny tiny tienda (grocer shop with a couple of shelves) and a garlic head we’ve been carrying!! (Both breakfast and lunch were chocolate pastries – I don’t hear any kids complaining!! But don’t let me deceive you – we did also consume a loaf of crusty bread and wedge of brie as well for lunch!)

WORDPRESS tells me some of the photos have not uploaded, but when I look at the preview they are all there – so I cannot tell which ones are absent – apologies. Additionally, WordPress has changed the process and I can no longer choose the size, and I have no idea what is uploading. Hope they’re OK.


9 thoughts on “30 May: Rabe de las Calzadas to Hontanas

  1. Ok…as a random outsider…the pics look great! Absolutely loving watching how your making out and how the kids are doing. Love your purple Crocs. You’ve got me rethinking my sedate (read that dreary!) black ones. I need new ones for our walk on the del Norte in the fall. You may have inspired a change! Gracias. Karin

  2. For he record 5 pics uploaded here. Great to hear how positive the kids are. Off to pick up Rob from the airport soon!

  3. We are enjoying the photos as well. And the food. You seem to be flying again. The talk of more walking does not seem to diminish the enthusiasm. Go for it.

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