29 May: Burgos to Rabe de las Calzadas

He didn’t listen to the man standing outside the bus station…..the one who was telling him to stop and not go….

An hour earlier we had been eating a final lunch together. The chef must have wondered what was wrong as half the party took turns at bursting into tears!!

Those final moments of leaving are awful, but I think the anticipation is worse. Once the bus pulled out of the station a few more tears fell and there were some wobbly voices, but there was also a job to be done….and so we began to walk. What a good decision that was. Going back to the same room where we had just enjoyed time with Daddy would have been harder….tramping the streets, following arrows, moving onwards and upwards gave us something to do.
We went looking for blessings and we found them…at one point the pollen was falling so thick and fast it was like being in a swirling snowstorm. We thought we were silly walking along the street blowing out to avoid inhaling some of the white puff-balls….until we noticed everyone else was doing it too. It was quite amazing.
Later we found poppies…

Even better was the vespers we spontaneously decided to attend at the monastery. We were ushered into the front row (worst place to be when you don’t know what to do coz you’re always too late realising everyone is now standing up or kneeling or whatever!), given prayer books and shown love. We were showered with love even though we did everything wrong. And our particularly fragile child, hurting with the parting, was particularly touched that we had to respond a number of times with, “No estoy yo solo”, which I translated for the kids as, “I am not alone”. It was good to remember that while we walk on without Daddy, we are not alone. Our Heavenly Father walks with us, and indeed has prepared the way. We were also able to talk about how many of the people we walk for are also separated from their fathers – but permanently due to death. We are blessed to be able to choose to sacrifice.

Destination: Rabe de las Calzadas
Distance: 15km
Cumulative Distance: 565km
435km to go to 1,000
Weather: 17degrees, clear and cloudy, drizzly and not
Dinner: cheese and chorizo roll – but you should have seen the lunch!


8 thoughts on “29 May: Burgos to Rabe de las Calzadas

  1. I have just enjoyed catching up on your last week – due to no data! Praying for safety in travels and a great time together as you carry on without Rob. I know two people in particular who will be very pleased to see him home! Keep up the amazing work x

  2. I’m following along with your progress (from Wanganui) and will be back in SPain myself in Sept for another Camino – Via de la Plata. Your wonderful photos and stories take me back to my first camino in 2003 (CF) along your same route. Buen Camino a todos!!

  3. We are looking forward to having Rob back, but our hearts are with the Intrepid Quintet as they put their best feet forward for the last phase

  4. My thoughts are with you Rachel, as you walk on with the four children. Walking to Rabe de las Calzadas was a smart move- just far enough to get back in the groove again. And tomorrow you will climb onto the Meseta, where I am sure you will see wildflowers aplenty.

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