28 May: Burgos Day 2

If you had told the kids they would spend three hours at the cathedral this morning there may have been a revolt to make the Moors proud. But that’s how long we stayed and we had to drag them away, because the adults were hungry!
We have seen quite a few churches on this trip and our reactions to them have been mixed. Some have been very simple humble places with a feeling of peace – others have been ornately decorated, but left us cold. Burgos Cathedral – for us – was awe-inspiring. It was not that we particularly *liked* it, because in many ways we didn’t (none of us are fond of Baroque ornamentation and there was plenty of that)……but the story of how the cathedral grew over almost a thousand years and thoughts of the thousands of people who have worked on it and the magnificence and massive reconstructions and the spire that collapsed and El Cid’s actual coffer all captured our imaginations.


We all learnt a lot through listening to the excellent audio guide and then a couple of the kids sat down to copy a picture of El Cid while the rest of us watched a video of the history of the cathedral.

It was a wonderful way to spend a cold wet day in Burgos.


Destination: no change – still Burgos
Distance: almost 20km for most of us and another 4km for the Mama who went hunting for chocolate for Daddy to take home
Weather: wet and 13 degrees
Dinner: salad at the pension, because we like our veges, and then fries, chicken and doner kebab meat afterwards
And the daily pastry sampling:

This lady saw the kids peering in the window while Mama made the purchases and wrapped up some biscuits for them too!
And final silliness of the day on the way to dinner – we thought posing beside these dudes would make us look skinny!



2 thoughts on “28 May: Burgos Day 2

  1. I love the wet path with the Camino symbol in it. Seems right somehow! But now you have had your share of rain, I hope it warms up for you again!

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