27 May: Burgos


Sort out phone issues – check
Buy bus ticket to Madrid – check
Book accommodation for the place we will arrive at late the day Rob leaves – check
Find a supermarket – check
Find special places to eat the next couple of days – check
Buy some little somethings for the family – check
Find an Opinel knife for Rob – check
Let the kids spend some of their money from Gran and Grandpa – check (oh, the fun they had doing that)
Take a squiz at the cathedral (but save The Visit Proper for tomorrow)

Wander, wander, wander coz it seems we just can’t stop walking…..and take some touristy photos with some of the many statues around town




Destination: no change – Burgos
Distance walked: 21.4km trotting round town then the Mama did another 3 looking for undies for a child who has managed to lose the elastic in two pair – and we only brought three each! We’re not counting it towards the final total though.

Weather: absolutely gorgeous, got to 17 degrees
Dinner: who cares when we had these massive custard buns for lunch? (and a cream bun with almonds on top very soon after breakfast!!)



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