26 May: Ages to Burgos



We waited in line at the municipal albergue. Although we had had a very slow start (didn’t get away until after 8am and then you wouldn’t believe it, but the fact that toothpaste had been put on the wrong toothbrush tipped yesterday’s Miss Superwalker over the edge and the mama sat with her on the side of the road for a very very very long time until she was ready to walk With A Good Attitude)…..so as I was saying, although we hardly got going until lunchtime, we made good time and were waiting in line at the 130-bed albergue before 3pm. I presented our pile of credencials and the hospitalero explained there were only two beds left. Without the delay – in fact one minute sooner and we would have been in front of the group of six that got those beds we felt like collapsing into! Time to traipse round town looking for somewhere without a “completo” sign pinned to the door. We decided that was not the moment to talk to Smallest Child about the consequences of her actions!
Anyway….we ended up in a very nice little pension, funnily enough, with some of the folks we have been seeing for the past few days….and then a bunch of us all ate at the same restaurant this evening too, so although we were not at the usual type of albergue we have been frequenting, we still have the camino community feel.
That said, we have switched gears. We are officially on holiday for the next two and a half days. No one will keep us awake with snoring. No alarm clock will wake us at 5 and there will not be the rustling of plastic bags and sleeping bags being stuffed into packs. We have sheets to sleep between and beds instead of bunks to sleep in. We do not have to be out of the room early. We will be in the same place for more than one night. We will not don our walking clothes in the morning, but will wear our “after clothes” all day.

Destination: Burgos
Distance: 24km to town, another 2km looking for somewhere to stay
Cumulative Distance: 550km
450km to go to 1,000km (then we continue on to Santiago and maybe Finisterre and Muxia on the coast)
Weather: 6 degree start, but doubled during the day – feels cold to us kiwis!!

20140526-210741.jpg First plates…..followed by fish or hamburger pattie and salad and fries……accompanied of course by bread, wine and water….then the children were Cultural Disappointments and chose icecream cones over the local rice pudding for dessert! They missed out.


3 thoughts on “26 May: Ages to Burgos

  1. I’m with kids on that one! And my sympathy to Smallest Child. She has performed above and beyond reasonable expectations! Enjoy your break – albeit tinged with sadness as Dad prepares to head off home (another reason for ER tension?)

  2. Looks like an absolutely stunning day despite the cold. Very chilly start in Auckland today – 2degrees but gorgeous day now. We’ve all had those kinds of incidents with our beloved small people but I’m glad it all worked out well. Delighted that you will have a little ‘holiday’ time now. Enjoy it! Especially you Rob before the long haul back home and to work!!! We’re looking forward to seeing you.

  3. It seems like quite a blessing you missed out on the albergue- now you can all stay in one place together without that very early start tomorrow. Enjoy!

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