25 May: Tosantos to Ages


“what we saw today” was going to be today’s post, but when Ella-Rose walked SO INCREDIBLY WELL we decided that had to be the focus.
After hesitating about getting in to Burgos we changed our minds and decided to get there in two days to give Rob a bit of time for chorizo and cheese buying!
So we knew today was going to be around the 24km mark, which is about seven more than she is happy with! Not long after first lunch (a peach and slice of apple cake), she obviously decided she was done, but she walked on. An hour later she was still lagging behind, but at the same time still walking forwards. Ultreia. Onwards and upwards.
After 20km and second lunch (cheese in croissants, salted nuts and corn and broad beans – yes really) she tripped off down the hill with a new lease of life for the final 4km.


Nearly there – town in sight….

Destination: Ages
Distance: 24+km
Cumulative Distance: 524km
476km to go to 1,000
Weather: never warmed up all day, but rain held off (people walking a half day behind us have been saturated for the last few days so we have been very fortunate)
Dinner: homemade empanadas straight from the oven




3 thoughts on “25 May: Tosantos to Ages

  1. That was an impressive contour of the track-some serious altitude gained. Well done everyone.It looke kike we are all shivering at the moment. KnK in the hills in India, you all in Spain and NZ having a cold snap (2C in Queenstown)

  2. I loved that whole area- Ages, Atapuerca- imagining those ancient humans wandering around doing their thing. Good luck with whatever your plans turn out to be around Burgos. The climb up onto the Meseta might be quite magical at present with wildflowers around, if Dad does join you for a bit of that. It would be a shame for him to entirely miss the Meseta! Buen Camino!

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