23 May: Granon to Belorado


Water, Wind and Wheat today.
The wheat was on either side of us all the way, and a bit of barley too.
The water came from the sky. Thankfully it was not much more than a light slightly persistent drizzle. Even better, it did not last more than a couple of hours.

The wind was quite another story. Have you ever walked in the wind? Take a moment to remember what it was like. When it’s a head wind, it blows your hair back behind you, it blows your clothes against you until they balloon behind you, it blows until the front of you is cold, it blows until it bites. It whips any bare skin. It whistles in your ears – oh the whistling; constant, non-ceasing, ever-present. Today’s wind used all its strength to chase us backwards along the path – we plodded on, slogged on, determined to put one foot in front of the other. Even in the hollows between hills there was no hiding from it. Wherever we went, it found us, pursued us, relentlessly pushed us backwards. Eventually I cried out, “Would someone turn the wind off?” The noise was incessant, and the blowing just Did Not Stop.
So we did!
We had been planning on going to Tosantos tonight, another 5km away. But we discovered Belorado to be a quaint wee place with castle ruins and a supermarket and a bull ring and a museum and medieval walls and a convent and churches (in spite of Wikipedia having nothing to say about it other than the fact that it’s a town on the Camino de Santiago), and so we decided to stay.
We zipped up the hill to the castle ruins…..much more ruin than castle! The kids explored quickly, discovered a cave and forest, and they were off.

Such fun was to be had, such adventure. Then Daddy made it even better by suggesting they try to steal back to us undetected while we sat largely sheltered from the continuing wind on the grass beneath the ruined walls with the sun warming our backs.
After the first round Daddy got into the adventure himself and while the kids were scouting round a far hill we snuck off to ambush them!
The fun was further augmented on the way back down the hill when we saw a stork come in to land on its nest on the church tower – usually they are high above us; this time we had a prime viewing spot up above their nests.


Destination: Belorado
Distance: 17km
Cumulative Distance: 494km
506km to go to 1,000…a few days more to Santiago
Weather: windy, wet and cold (12 degrees tops)
Dinner: bread and thick soup – chorizo and bacon with garlic, onion, carrots, lentils, peppers, tomatoes, peas, sweetcorn and alphabet pasta – delish!


3 thoughts on “23 May: Granon to Belorado

  1. Yes, I do know about walking in wind- had a couple of horrendously windy times on the Cluny route. I’m no tiny sprite but I had trouble not being blown over, and it was exhausting, making 4kms seem like forever. So I understand! What a good decision to stop a bit earlier than you had planned. Looks like the kids then had abundant fun on the hillside above Belorado- and how special to get a closer view of a stork.
    I love the rainbow in your first photo.

  2. Sounds like an excellent decision to stop when you did. Clever Daddy coming up with a game to give parents a little rest! It all sounds so magnificent.

  3. Great pic of the looming clouds and rainbow – glad those black clouds did not dump too hard on you. I agree – the wind roaring in the ears is almost worse than the physical effort involved. Time to break out the ipod!

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