A ghost town.
There’s a big flash golf club.
There are rows of apartments, streets of duplex houses and even some standalone houses on huge sections.
And most of them have ForSale signs in the windows. None of them look occupied. That, despite the fact that there are great facilities – the community rubbish bins are all lined up, there is a green turf soccer field and basketball court, there is communal fitness equipment, and the children’s playground has a flying fox as well as all the usual equipment.
There are just no people.

But there are people in Spain with nowhere to live. There are even more with no jobs.

We met this enterprising pair today. They had set up “shop” at the top of a climb and offered cold drinks, fruit, biscuits and camino trinkets for whatever you wanted to give. They had a steady stream of business, but I wondered how you could make a living on-selling a box of food each day. Most probably, they can’t. Which might explain why they invited us to take their photo back to New Zealand and find them a wife!


3 thoughts on “Ciruena

  1. Yes, Ciruena is a very bizarre place. Weird thing was, second time I walked this way, it was even bigger than the first time. It helped me understand the Spanish financial crisis sort of though. It seemed that Banks had loaned developers money- even though there was no demand for the housing there…

  2. Wow, what a fascinating place! It’s a bit like the opposite of places like Kawerau, the jobs disappeared, leaving the people behind. And “Good way” sounds a little odd when translated to English!

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