19 May: Viana to Navarrete



To stop in Logrono or not. That was the question of the day. But soon there were more. We arrived in this big city by 9am and were spoilt for choice with supermarkets. Today would not be a day for chorizo and bread. But what was it to be instead? Salad, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, olives and a big wedge of brie for only a euro, plus chips and icecreams……..as we stood on the pavement eating the icecreams (they clearly wouldn’t last until later in the day and if you can drink wine at 8am, there is nothing to stop you eating icecream at 10!), along came Dave from Timaru, who now lives in Brisbane. He helped us out by taking a cone (six people, eight cones) and although he’d already stocked up at another supermarket, he went in to grab a wedge of brie too! (Our family may not be interested in hearing that, but he sent his mother the link to our blog last night, and she might like to know he’s eating well!) Even after wandering round the supermarket six times trying to decide which treats we wanted to carry with us – Ella-Rose begged for chocolate muesli and vowed she would carry it – we had only covered 13.5km. The next town was almost as far away, which would make for a long day for little legs. But the Shortest Person declared we hadn’t gone far and we decided that with clouds overhead it was a good day for walking so on we went. That meant the whole day was devoted to walking the outskirts of Logrono – first of all to get into the centre and then to get away from it. Quite a citified day, rather uninspiring walking, and always racing the threatening rain. 20140519-194640.jpg



The far side of town was definitely nicer than the first. The path meandered through an enormous park and when we came across a sprawling adventure playground, the children just may have considered they had made a poor decision about walking on – they could have stayed and played all day. Soon after passing through the park with its bike trails and red squirrel, a certain packet of muesli became much too heavy for a certain person to carry. She is fortunate to have a gracious Daddy;-) 20140519-194455.jpg

The kids are strong and their legs carry them well, but the battle is in the mind, perhaps especially when the landscape is less interesting.
Having done the distance, the kids found plenty of energy to bounce around with balloons and then partake in a crepe-making-lesson with the authentic French volunteer host.

20140519-194832.jpgHe has been volunteering here for nine years now, and loves to make crepes for pilgrims. When he stayed at this albergue on his own pilgrimage, the hospitalera had made an impressionable garlic soup. When he was considering the job he told her he could not make garlic soup, and she suggested he make crepes. And so he does!

Destination: Navarrete
Distance 25.2km
Cumulative Distance: 426km
564km to go
Weather: 26 degrees at 8pm and cloudy all day
Dinner: pasta, chickpea, green pea, gherkin, ham and mayonnaise salad with good red wine from the local bodega provided by the hospitalero, who ate with us…..and his delicious crepes too


2 thoughts on “19 May: Viana to Navarrete

  1. Looking at the pics of you guys makes me realise just what seasoned Peregrinos you are! And inside your heads you know that you can stand tall in the company of other Intrepid walkers. I am continually amazed at the way you are eating up the k’s, and the casual way you talk of going on for a further 15-or-so k’s. And so the k’s keep mounting -fantastic effort. Especially for the girls (and the old bloke!)

  2. I’m impressed too grandpabear- the children are doing so very well, all of them. I know what you mean by the walk into/out of Logrono- an awful lot of hard pavement/road walking. But that park leaving is lovely- and I did love various statues etc in Logrono. Glad you got to sample some crepes.

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