18 May: Los Arcos to Viana


In an effort to alleviate Grandpa’s green complexion, I was wondering what on earth I could say today that was not a repeat of yesterday’s *this is perfect*…..because, quite frankly, it was.
But when we *looked* for negatives, we were able to find them! So here’s to everyone who would like to be here, but can’t be – it’s not all we’ve been making it out to be.
There was no wine fountain today.
The sun shone….HOT.
Tessa commented, “The sky is not so blue today,”

The distant snow-capped mountains were almost obliterated by a heat haze.
At times the path was so pebbly it was like walking on a bed of ballbearings.
And sometimes steep. Down and up.

There were road crossings, power pylons and windmills ruining the landscape (for the record, I still like windmills, but Grandpa doesn’t).


There was even road walking. Hardly a good day at all.


And to top it off, Micaiah tripped along pretending Levi was Don Quixote and he was Sancho, the squire, and we were not looking at windmills or trees, but giants in the distance.
Furthermore, at 3pm, we realised we hadn’t had second lunch yet…..how much worse could it get? πŸ˜‰
Actually, we demolished a cake to celebrate Ella-Rose’s birthday and the boys and I made 400km and the others made their first hundred…so it wasn’t really that bad.


The new crew are suffering from end-of-the-first-week-tiredness. The biggest body is protesting – aching shoulders and heavy legs, and the mind is playing tricks like suggesting a couple of short days;-) The rest of us are enjoying stopping before we feel like we need to. Future distances will be determined by those who are suffering most!

Destination: Viana
Distance: 19km
Cumulative Distance: 401km
599km to go
Weather: 27 degrees Celsius
Dinner: omlette with cured ham and green cheese, pizza, salad



9 thoughts on “18 May: Los Arcos to Viana

  1. Goodness, for May, the weather you are having is remarkable. I am sure it will have to get wet and cold again at some stage!

  2. I can’t believe you’ve reached 400 kms already! That is a pretty awesome step along – poor old Rob feeling it with no red wine fountain to dull the pain. He’ll have to eat chocolate instead. And who knows – it may get wet and cold again at some stage as joy germ Margaret said and you can be really miserable! πŸ™‚ Take care.

  3. Linda I have been there done that and had some cold, wet weather- just hoping they get to experience enough of it so they are not left feeling deprived πŸ™‚

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