16 May: Puente la Reina to Estella


Why don’t they make the roads straight?
Can we eat yet?
Why do all the shops shut from lunchtime to dinnertime?
Why is the sky so blue?
Are we feeling so relaxed because there’s no chance of getting lost or because you are here? (Rachael to Rob)
Why is there no wind in the morning and then very windy every afternoon?
Can we eat again?
Are we there yet?
Is that the town we’re going to?
How do you know if a snake is poisonous?
Is there a toilet?
Will you read us another chapter of Don Quixote?
Shall we refill our water bottles at this fountain?
Are you going to take a photo of those poppies?
Did you see that? Dad just walked into a signpost!
Do you think there will be enough beds free at the albergue?
Is that Mr LongShower up there?
Why are there so many people on this route?
Hasn’t Ella-Rose done well today? She even managed to choose not to grumble when she was tired.
Don’t you like that word? Schmidt. It fills up your whole mouth like marshmallow. Don’t you like it? (Tessa)
And while this conversation ended up with giggles because someone thought the name was pronounced “smidget”, it actually started from a serious situation. Exactly three years ago to the day, a Danish man born in 1935 died on the camino, and we passed his memorial today. Arne Skov Schmidt

Destination: Estella
Distance: 24km
Cumulative Distance: 357km
643km to go
Weather: one thermometer said 30*C, and it felt like it out of the shade
Dinner: curry, rice and veges


4 thoughts on “16 May: Puente la Reina to Estella

  1. I enjoy following you on this page, it is hard for me not to do it on foot. I spread the info about your great idea, where i could. Wishing you the best and “Buon Courage” / the french couple from Camino Baztan.

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