15 May: Cizur Menor to Puente la Reina


“You must take the detour and go to the little church at Eunate,” we had been told, and remarkably, when we were looking at a sheet of details last night we saw that there was an albergue there. Better still, they provide a communal dinner and celebrate mass at 6:30. Best of all for the little girls, it would mean an 18km walk, which promised to be a positive start.
First of all we had to tackle a climb. We got to the top (see the pic above) and the boys questioned in disbelief, “Is that it?” We were actually all surprised that such a small climb could result in such a magnificent view. Mountains of various sizes, most without snow, surrounded the horizon in all directions. Hills hosted rows of wind turbines, gracefully turning. Fields of wheat rippled in the breeze like waves rolling in to shore. Red poppies dotted the edge of the path and the occasional tall one stood up alone in a field.

We could see villages we would soon be walking through, and the recommended church was just beside a line of three wind turbines.
The Shortest Person was evidently unaware we were having a positive start to her walk and for reasons still unknown she had a half hour meltdown, witnessed by every pilgrim that passed!
The church came in sight and the wind blew us along the white gravel path.
Things started to look up, even for the little girl.
Until we got to the church, that is. It was closed – just for today. And there was a note on the albergue door informing us the nearest accommodation was in Obanos. That was all very well, but there is no food in Obanos and we were not carrying any as we had been counting on the communal dinner and breakfast at the church! So we would need to go to Obanos and then on further to Puente la Reina.
What a blessing that turned out to be.
There was the satisfaction of covering 24.2km…..we saw a snake, a real live snake

well, OK, it was a real dead snake, but still flexible, so not too long dead.
We ended up in a room to ourselves and with great company at dinnertime – a Spanish magician enjoyed entertaining the kids and everyone else in the dining room. Then the kids tried magic-ing him!!

And so the “we walked further than we expected to” saga continues even though we said it would stop when the girls got here!
Destination: Puente la Reina
Distance: 24.2km
Cumulative Total: 333km
667km to go
Weather: windy and warm
Dinner: chicken and lentil soup followed by pasta, olive, cocktail onion, red pepper, green pea, chickpea and mayonnaise salad.


3 thoughts on “15 May: Cizur Menor to Puente la Reina

  1. Too bad about Eunate. You post in the forum frequently but obviously missed the thread about the albergue being closed. I believe though that it is still a lovely place to visit. I have to decide whether to detour in there when my husband and I walk next year. When I walked two years ago it was a Monday so I knew it would be closed and did not bother.

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