12 May: Olague to Pamplona


Very soon into today’s walk the hum of traffic accompanied us, even though we were still in rural surroundings – a main road wound beneath us, a reminder that we were heading towards “civilization”. After a week of seeing only four other pilgrims, we arrived in the big city bustling with people and at least a hundred at the albergue.

We only did a short stint by this road – thankfully. Then we were back to the hills.20140512-173123.jpg




A largely wordless post tonight, because we still need to get dinner and find out where the train station is in relation to where we are so we can meet Rob and the girls there tomorrow (yippee yay), and although the boys have showered and scouted round looking for food, I have spent every moment since we arrived at the albergue catching up the blog…..so I desperately need to shower and clean some shoes!!

Destination: Pamplona
Distance: 28.1km
Cumulative Total: 303km, but we’ll call it 300, so we start the next hundred with the others!
700km to go
Weather: first thing Micaiah said he liked walking behind someone in the cold because they look like a steam engine….but it warmed up to a beautifully warm day – maybe 20*C

Kebabs to celebrate first two stages completed, a 1002m elevation gain on one day, 303km walked.


2 thoughts on “12 May: Olague to Pamplona

  1. Those photos look like you have just popped down to the South Island – are you fooling us all?!! Delicious looking meal!

  2. I bet you all enjoyed that meal very much after the small amount the day before. Have enjoyed your flurry of blog posts. Buen Camino to you all, as the others arrive to join you.

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