10 May: Amaiur-Maya to Berroeta


Looking back to where we started the day.

Progress was initially very slow due to the boys’ obsession with trying to catch these quick little critters.

Attention was diverted only when we spied a snake coiled on a warm stone bridge pillar – it was at least the size of a dinner plate. Unfortunately, with its forked tongue flicking in and out, it slithered over the edge before we could get the camera out. Snake spotting tally currently stands at Levi 3, the rest of us 0.

Following arrows….


See Levi standing in front of the artisan chocolate shop holding a bar of the special chocolate in his little hot hand?

When I had been looking at the route on googlemaps months ago, I had decided we would make a purchase if the shop happened to be open when we passed. It was! We can tell you now it smells divine, but we can’t tell you what it tastes like – we’ve decided to carry it to Pamplona to share with Rob and the girls when they arrive next week! If you want to see the shop for yourself, go to googlemaps and search for Irurita. Scroll round street view and you’ll see it – as well as the seats under trees around a fountain where sat for lunch with a group of Spanish cyclists.

Pastoral scenes dominated the day.

All the way to Berroeta, where the kids made a whole lot of friends and stayed out playing til way too late for people having to be up at 6am!!

Destination: Berroeta
Distance: 22km
Cumulative Distance: 250km
750km to go
Weather: 13*C at 8am;19*C at 10:30 and the mercury kept climbing as we did – not sure where it stopped
Dinner: vegetable and leftover chorizo soup, brown baguettes, cheese, strawberry paste




3 thoughts on “10 May: Amaiur-Maya to Berroeta

  1. Ahhhh those yellow arrows- definitely Spain! If it turns hot you might just have to eat that chocolate so it can’t melt! Great to see the kids having such a wonderful evening. Looks like a lovely village.

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