6 May: Helette to Espelette


This was to be the day we DIDN’T write, “We got lost and walked further than we expected.” But no! 30km to destination, not what we had planned. In an effort to relieve you from the boredom and us the pain of reliving exactly what went wrong, we’ll skip the details.
Straight to the good, the bad and the ugly!
The good:
1) the weather – cool, dry and overcast.
2) a half metre snake spotted beside the road
3) no snakes encountered in the waist high grass we had to walk through
4) cheese and ham crepes for breakfast, two lunch stops, chocolate pastries late, plus dinner
5) watching hay making
6) the views – mountains, mountains everywhere
7) meeting a French pilgrim couple walking the other way
8) super-friendly Gemma from Barcelona at the gite pelerins
9) cute town to finish in

10) the grace of God on us today – when exploring later (because 30km clearly wasn’t enough!) we discovered the road we “should” have taken today and were planning on taking back to the trail tomorrow, is actually very dangerous. We have been able to make alternative plans and were saved from putting ourselves in a foolish situation. (By the way, for anyone who is reading this for route info……Espelette is NOT on La Voie de la Nive – we had decided to sidetrack from Cambo-les-bains, because there is accommodation here, which does not require making a phone call to use like the accommodation in Ustaritz, the usual stopping point for this stage)

The bad:
1) up and down – mountains, mountains everywhere
2) losing the path (oops, we’re not talking about that!)
3) walking beside a busy 90km/hr road (better not mention that either)
4) sore knee for Micaiah on downhills

The ugly:
1) a bloated pig in the grass beside the road


Destination: Espelette
Distance: 30km
Cumulative Total: 144km
856km to go
Dinner: microwaved pizza with potato salad and for the boys a Dutch toffee waffle biscuit (given to them by very friendly Gemma from Barcelona)


2 thoughts on “6 May: Helette to Espelette

  1. They are called stroopwaffels! 😉

    Hope the road gets easier to follow! (Ah, a good metaphor for multiple things eh?)

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