2 May: Zubiri to Roncesvalles


Knowing we were heading up into the mountains today, we had thought this would be a good day to blog about the camino motto: onward and upward. Of course, the upward is supposed to be figurative, but for us today it was very literal…..elevation gain 863m.
We had thought we would have stunning mountain panoramas to share as we went upwards. But no. It rained ALL day. Light to middling drizzle, but enough to make for discomfort. Thankfully our rainwear performed admirably and we were among the minority to arrive with dry pack contents.
We didn’t look upwards much today. We had to watch our feet.





Partway through the first ten kilometres which took three hours to complete, I suggested the boys come up with a life lesson from today.
Micaiah’s related to the fact that we went the wrong way and had to backtrack – he said that if we go up the wrong path in life we can always turn around and go the right way.
Levi simply but sagely concluded: be careful and stay positive. I am happy to say they both excelled. 28 upward kilometres in the rain and cold (oh so cold), trudging through mud step after step, being sent the wrong way, choosing the wrong way ourselves….and they did not complain once. Then, to top things off, when we arrived at the monastery they did their hand washing without being told to and soon after cooked dinner (rumour has it that they argued at this point, but I did not witness it as I was sitting in the WARM drying room hooked up to the internet typing this!)
My life lesson was that when the going is tough it is extra important to pay attention to where you are going, to decide in advance that you will move onward and look upward.

Destination: Roncesvalles
Cumulative total: 56km (doubled in one day!) 944km to go
Incessant drizzle, 5 degrees
Dinner: boy-cooked pasta with chorizo, pickled veges and four cheeses on a bed of lettuce

Photos are small as large will not upload


8 thoughts on “2 May: Zubiri to Roncesvalles

  1. Great to read about your last few days of walking.Certainly.a hard start to get you prepared for things to come. Hopefully the weather will be kinder to you very soon.Stay dry!

  2. Hi Rachael
    wow!!! The track looks like hard work (understatement). We really hope the weather clears quickly for you. Thinking of you way over there.

  3. I am I. Total awe of you guys!!!! So proud of you, especially the boys cause I don’t think I could walk that far with heavy packs, in the rain, and with all the mud.
    The thing that stands out from your pictures is how green everything is! So beautiful 🙂
    Love you guys heaps

  4. Hi Rachael, Anna rememberd a saying she read only a few days ago and we wanted to share it with you 3:”life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain”. Nina

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