29 April: Madrid

Destination: Madrid
Daily Distance: nearly 20,000km from home
Cumulative Distance: 0km – none of it counts
Distance To Go: 1,000km
Walking time:
Weather: 20*C, deliciously warm….light dusting of snow on distant hills
Dinner: empanada and salad, choc mousse

Looking somewhat less perky at Madrid Airport than in the photo at Auckland Airport 36 hours earlier!

All the way from Sydney to Dubai we remained engulfed in darkness. Via the onboard realtime route tracker, we watched dawn come to New Zealand, and thought of everyone getting up and going off to work (and driver’s license test). We watched as we flew over Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and the Cameron Highlands. We watched our approach to India, at first looking like we would be going straight over Kyle and Kaleisha as they slept, but eventually taking a more northern route flying over Mumbai instead. As we ate breakfast, still in the dark, we thought of the NZ crew tucking into lunch. The route from Dubai to Madrid was certainly not as the crow would fly, but we don’t object to detours that avoid warring Middle Eastern and African countries.

The last 1,000km went very fast; much faster than we are about to walk the same distance! In fact, as we saw the country sprawl beneath us, the enormity of the task sank in.
“Can you imagine walking all the way to the horizon?” I asked the boys. Their looks of disbelief turned to understanding as they realised that is in fact effectively what we are going to do.


Thus, we found ourselves in Spain.
The overly optimistic plan to visit the Museo del Prado from 6-8 was revised to let’s-go-and-find-some-food, and was accompanied by a spontaneous dropping in to a church we happened upon, both to marvel at the wonders inside and to thank God for bringing us this far and to dedicate the rest of the walk to Him.


Ciabatta, tomato, ham, cheese, choc croissants, yoghurt, spring strawbs, an empanada and a choc pud for old times’ sake, all for under 10 euros.


3 thoughts on “29 April: Madrid

  1. haha! Some familiar looking food there in the last pic! What… all that for 3 of you?? LOL! Good to hear you are all safe and well!

    • We especially chose stuff that you guys would recognise! It was for dinner last night, breakfast and lunch today, and there will still be ham and cheese left over! We also had a salad which was nutritious but non- photogenic in its plastic bag!

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