what if?

2012-09-11 Joe Spain 019

What if?

What if it rains every day for a month or there is still snow when we arrive?
What if I try too many pin numbers or use the wrong account and the ATM swallows my card?
What if we get lost?
What if someone gets hurt?
What if something happens to one of the kids in India while we are in Spain?
What if I can’t work out how to use the phone apps in a different country, the ones I tried out at home and it seemed doable sitting on my comfy bed?
What if we hit a path like the one in the picture above and it’s not a bright fine day? – when we walked those rocks, we were thankful that they were not wet and slippery.
What if our packs are still not light enough, even after ditching everything we don’t consider necessary?
What if we don’t make the 1,000km? What if it was too ambitious for the 8-year-old?

More than one person has told me I’m so brave.
I’m not brave really. Brave would go off into Alaska in the middle of winter. That’s not me.
Brave would swim with crocodiles or jump out of aeroplanes. I’m not that kind of brave.
We’re going for a walk, a long walk, but nonetheless, at the end of the day (or many days) it’s just a walk. We don’t have to organise drop boxes filled with supplies, we don’t have to carry a tent, we won’t have to fend off wild animals (I hope), there’ll be a bed each evening and meals in bars and washing facilities and very little risk.
But I do have some teeny apprehensions. I’m not as confident as you tell me I appear. The main one is the distance. If this were just a holiday and everyone got bored with walking or someone broke a leg, we could simply hire a car and zip round Spain seeing the sights until our flight back to NZ. But this is a commitment. We have said we’ll go at least 1,000km. It’s not a burden, but I do carry it as a responsibility. I just hope it doesn’t make my pack too heavy. I know I will feel lighter the day we make it to 1,000. The outcome is largely out of our control, and so in that sense we walk in faith. I imagine it will be a journey that challenges us, stretches us, binds us. I look forward to that, and I put aside my what ifs, put my trust in God, put on a brave face even.

Spain Sept 10 060


7 thoughts on “what if?

  1. Exactly that, Rachele. Put your trust in God, which I’m suore you do and everything will work out fine!
    I’ll be following your Pilgrimage with interest. Thumbs up for the little ones – and of course for you too!

    • Thanks Anne. I’m even OK with the idea that things may not turn out fine, because I don’t know what is best for me, but God does, and maybe there is a lesson best learnt through suffering and hardship.

  2. We aren’t ‘walking’ with you, but we’re with you all the way. We got you covered and we know your family is amazing. Have fun!

    • Thanks guys – you may not be walking this time, but we have some good walking memories with you – especially Whananaki years ago and National Park last summer.

  3. Hah- did I tell you about my big planned Alaska adventure in a couple months?! 🙂 Granted, in summer not winter, but really looking forward to shoving a tent in the car and heading out solo to explore- hiking 1k km is not as much my cup of tea.

    And I’m sure you know it, but you guys’ll be fine. And I will bet good money you will worry more about the kids in India than they will worry about themselves, but hey that’s the job of a parent. Mine always worry, but then I’d be more upset if they didn’t I s’pose.

    Safe travels to Spain!

      • Actually I’m not certain about the stars, as I’m going in August so at the beginning of the month it never really gets dark! I guess we’ll see. 🙂

        And yeah, I tend to keep quiet about future plans until they’re settled, both in travel and what I’m doing with my life kinda stuff. I think I don’t like saying things prematurely.

        Have fun packing. 😉

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