Farewells and Love

A friend came round to say goodbye as we’ll be gone before she’s back from her Easter holiday.
Other friends came for a last meal earlier in the week. Someone else is cooking for us on Saturday.
We’re only going away for three months – but it’s lovely to feel so loved!
We sent big kids off to Easter Camp. When we got home from dropping them off the four remaining little kids flew out of the van and disappeared in the garden. It turned out big kids had left Easter eggs to be found. More love.
Aunty has said her goodbyes too – she’ll be off for a two year stint in Turkey the day after the last of our mob get home, so it’s likely we won’t see her……these goodbyes when no one is actually going anywhere quite yet are much easier than when you’re about to step on a plane. Love makes parting hard and easy at the same time.


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