We wouldn’t be leaving for Spain until Tessa turned ten. Ten is a *big* birthday in our family; it’s the one where you get to choose to go to a restaurant for dinner. Usually you just get a special breakfast and a cake, and very very occasionally you get a birthday party, but when you turn ten there’s a restaurant dinner to decide upon.

Oh the agony for Tessa. She desperately wanted to go to both a Mongolian BBQ place (where you get to choose your food and have it cooked in front of you, as many plates as you want) and a favourite Malaysian eatery with the best chicken laksa in the world and a local Indian place where the food is quite simply divine. India won.


A sister baked a cake and Daddy turned it into a ladybird. Clever.


Now we’re ready for Spain. Nothing is holding us back. But we have to wait two more weeks.
Then there’ll be another birthday. Ella-Rose will turn eight in a month. She’s already put in an order for a pottle of yoghurt and muesli for breakfast. I hope the camino will deliver.

The next birthday will be Kyle’s in India. He’d prefer to be home in NZ, but I rather suspect being at the Golden Temple in Amritsar will more than compensate for his perceived loss.

Then Micaiah turns twelve. We’ll be home by then. We made sure our travels would be all over by the time he added a year – so that he could travel on a child fare;-)


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