walks this week

Monday: 20km boring road-walking, sweating like pigs (what’s with temperature in the high twenties in March?? no complaints, though – beats rain any day when you’re walking!)
Tuesday: not just walking; we were running…(errands all day!)
Wednesday: 3 hours hiking in the bush…including some good ascents, river crossing, train track tripping, dam busting



Thursday: 5km to bakery and home again
Friday: 12km Parau-Huia hike – and back again……well, that was the plan……watch this space for what actually happened!

Jury is out on what the weekend should promise training-wise. Surely there ought to be at least one decent distance covered, but there is a birthday to celebrate (and the birthday girl thinks a day of not-walking is in order), and the Mama has been offered a day to go out and do whatever she wants sans people and the attraction is currently very very strong……so sensibility is probably going to take a back seat and either she will walk alone…or not at all.


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