it used to be….

It used to be that walking up to the local library took a good three quarters of an hour. Little legs only go so fast (or slow, as the case was). Every leaf and bug and cat and flower and cloud and car was worthy of comment, cause for deep interest.
Today, even allowing time for very close examination of the dead possum on the road, we were there and back in a flash.
With no packs on and no prospect of any more than the 5km round trip, we raced along, completed our business at bank and bakery, and returned home well within the hour.

It used to be that the prospect of walking the Coast to Coast trail was a daunting one, one we embarked on uncertain whether the shortest legs would make it.
This time (last Saturday to be precise) we tackled it as a “shortish” walk after some demanding ones during the week. When we zipped through Cornwall Park after under an hour of walking we were amused that this was the spot we chose for lunch last time – how did we ever do it? Twenty kilometres later, kids were still bouncing, perhaps especially buoyant because this was the first training walk Daddy has accompanied us on (and Grandpa came again on his recumbent for old times’ sake)





It used to be that we said, “We’re going in a year”….then “in six months”….then “when autumn is here”.
Well, even though the temperatures are still in the high twenties, the leaves are suggesting that autumn is very near.



And we leave in just over a fortnight.


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